Composer | Pianist | Conductor

Damiano Davide


Composer, pianist and conductor, Damiano Davide’s vision is wide and covers many musical genres.

His classical training at the Conservatory of Naples, Italy, has been long, significant and serious. After several academic recognitions, including prizes and scolarships for his composing career, he gets fascinated with Opera and begins working as a pianist and conductor in Opera Houses all across the country.

He has worked in Teatro Comunale Bologna, Teatro Massimo Bellini di Catania, Teatro Regio Parma, Teatro comunale Bolzano, Teatro Petruzzelli di Bari and more, and he has worked as an assistant or repetiteur with conductors and directors such as Gelmetti, Severini, Carminati, Domingo, Livermore, Pizzi, Nucci, Muscato, Ferretti.

In 2018 he has made his operatic debut conducting “V. Bellini – La Sonnambula” at the Teatro Mancinelli in Orvieto. Since then his opera repertoire has grown, including now more than twenty titles, with a specific interest towards the music of Bellini and Verdi.

As a composer his music is post-classical and minimalist, with a particular taste for lyricism and melody mixed with the strictness of structuralism.

He has recently started to work with the violin player Lino Cannavacciuolo. The result of this collaboration are two albums: “Formae” (2021), an album in which minimalism and traditional folk music are mixed toghether and played by an amazing chamber ensemble, and “Duo” (2022), a minimalist journey through the modern possibilities of the violin and the piano together.

During lockdown in Italy in spring 2020 he has written his first solo album, “Mirror”. Recorded entirely at home, the album has been released by the neapolitan independent label Apogeo Records in January 2021.

The nine tracks of the album have been chosen to build the soundtrack of the documentary “Le catacombe di Napoli”, broadcasted in April 2021 on SkyArte.

In 2023 he has released a piece for solo cello, “Nostos” and he’s actually working on the release of a new string quintet and on a new album of original compositions to be released in 2024.